Current Campaign


  1. No less than R250 per day (8 hour working day

  2. A 13th Cheque equal to one months wages.

  3. The houses that workers stay in on the farm must be owned by the workers.

  4. Houses must be upgraded with sanitation - houses on most farms are in terrible conditions.

  5. Safe transport to town, school, hospital and all pay points in case of emergency.

  6. Labour brokers must be banned from farms. This is a form of slavery.

  7. No “Stukwerk” or “Piecework”

  8. There must be total equality between men and women in the workplace.

  9. Full paid maternity benefits for women workers including seasonal workers.

  10. Farmers must contribute towards a sick fund for farmworkers and their families.

  11. Freedom of association. There must be a stop to anti-union activity.

  12. Collective bargaining Forum for Agriculture.

  13. A good pension fund for farm workers which includes disability and death benefits.

  14. Create a fund to assist with alcohol, substance abuse and gender-based violence.

  15. Compensation for all retired farm workers and disabled workers.

  16. Creche facilities and play parks for children on the farms.

  17. Facilities for youth on farms to develop the youth and prevent alcohol and drug abuse.

  18. Land made available for farming communities and small-scale farmers for food security.

  19. Training and development of farm workers.

  20. Minimum of 5 days family responsibility leave.

  21. Workers must be paid for 45 hours a week if it rains.

  22. End the economic boycott against farm workers and farm dwellers.

  23. Farm worker children turning 18 years old should stay with their family and not be evicted.