Our Vision

Aims and Objectives


We are committed:

(a)   To maintain a democratic workers controlled union

(b)   To struggle for the improvement of wages, and for healthy and safe working conditions for all our members

(c)    To fight against arbitrary and unfair dismissals

(d)   To resist retrenchment and fight for full employment

(e)   To democratise the workplace

(f)    To join forces with workers and other sections of the working class everywhere in the struggle against exploitation and oppression

(g)   To build solidarity between workers and their unions in different countries

(h)   To plan and organise its administration and lawful activities

(i)     To use every legitimate means to induce employees to become members ; and

(j)     To borrow, invest, lend, subscribe or donate money for the furtherance of the objects of the union.


To this end, the union shall:

(a)   Conciliate disputes between members and their employees

(b)   Co-operate with or join other organisations to promote the aims and objectives and policies of the union

(c)    Co-operate and work constructively with all organisations which are committed to the same basic  democratic principles of our union

(d)   Establish and administer funds for the benefit of our members and their dependents and for employees of the union to provided that such funds shall be administered in/.’ terms of the rules. The rules and the amendments thereto governing such funds shall be submitted to the Register of Labour Relations.

(e)   To do all lawful things in the interest of workers, members of the union, and the union, provided that it is not inconsistent with the aims and policies of our union.